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SC Lawyers Experienced in Real Estate

If you are buying or selling a home in South Carolina, you have the right to choose your own closing attorney. This real estate closing attorney can help walk you through the closing process as well as to coordinate efforts between your real estate agent, the bank (as applicable), and the other party to the sale.

If you are buying, the best time to hire an attorney is as soon as you have a signed contract for the purchase of a property. The attorney will begin working on your file and will tentatively set a closing date for the transaction to be finalized. If you are obtaining a loan for your purchase, the attorney will stay in touch with the bank in order to schedule other steps such as an appropriate title search and preparation of other needed documents. The buyer’s attorney will usually host the closing, obtain payoffs, purchase title insurance, and collect and disburse funds.

If you are selling a piece of property, you may use the same attorney as the buyers or you can choose your own attorney. Your attorney will prepare the deed and proper seller’s affidavits. If any difficulties arise regarding the title to the property, your attorney can help you work through the final details of the sale.
At the Bostic Law Firm, we have competitive attorneys’ fees and offer excellent customer service to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

In addition to customary closing services, the Bostic Law Firm is experienced in numerous areas of real estate law and can help with boundary disputes, title disputes, permitting and zoning issues, commercial or residential leases, evictions, divisibility actions, tax disputes, and more.

If you have a real estate legal need, call the Bostic Law Firm for a consultation.

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