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Common Causes of Malnutrition

Under South Carolina standards of care guidelines, nursing homes are required to offer a menu that provides the proper nutrition and hydration to a residentís needs. Many residents require more restricted diets, which makes the task of providing the proper nutrition more challenging.

Common causes of malnutrition and dehydration include:

  • Failure to adhere to the residentís diet restrictions
  • Failure to administer IV feedings when required
  • Failure to offer the required number of meals throughout the day
  • Failure to supervise residents who refuse to take meals
  • Providing a menu that does not offer the required vitamins and nutrition
  • Failure to supplement meals with necessary vitamins
  • Resident experiences significant, unexplained weight loss
  • Resident experiences extreme fatigue or fainting, which are signs of dehydration

How We Can Help

If your loved one experienced any of these events or if other events seem unusual, you should seek the advice from a knowledgeable attorney to understand your rights and options in pursuing compensation for your loved oneís injuries. Our staff will conduct a detailed investigation of the nursing homeís nutrition programs in an effort to determine the cause behind your loved oneís malnutrition. Any evidence we find linking the cause of your loved oneís condition to negligence on the part of the nursing home will then be used to create a case for compensation.


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