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Mechanicís Liens

When you have spent hard work on a project, nothing is more frustrating than not receiving a timely payment for services and supplies rendered. Having a competent attorney on your side to file a mechanicís lien is extremely important. A mechanicís lien is simply a levy on a property that will not be removed until you have been paid in full for your work on the property.

A mechanicís lien is crucial because it prohibits the current property owner from selling or transferring the property without first satisfying all debts that have been held against the property.

Hiring a competent mechanicís lien attorney is crucial to ensuring that your lien gets filed correctly and is completely effective. Mechanicís lien regulations vary by county and require compliance with strict deadlines. Our Charleston mechanicís lien attorneys bring years of experience to the table to ensure that your Lien is filed correctly and with minimal hassle for you so that you can receive the money you are owed.