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Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Many construction disputes arise from the very basic lack of proper contract drafting and negotiation skills. Hiring an attorney to review your contracts is one of the wisest investments that anyone can make when dealing with construction. Oftentimes, contracts are one-sided and allow one party a significant advantage in the construction process. By allowing your attorney to offer guidance on contract law, you can help ensure that you, your investment, and the relationship with your builder are protected from any misunderstandings or fraudulent activity.

During an initial consultation, our Charleston contract attorneys will hear more about your project and concerns so they know how to best aid in the drafting of your contract. Complex issues like “subrogation” and “indemnity” can be addressed throughout the contract drafting process so that a fair outcome is achieved for all parties involved. In addition, you will find that your lawyer will be a valuable resource as you move through the construction process.

Insurance Disputes

Insurance exists to protect holders from the massive financial loss that can come about through no fault of the owner. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes hire legal teams to avoid paying what they are responsible for. Our Charleston insurance attorneys have vast experience in dealing with insurance companies and are ready to put their talent to use ensuring that you receive a fair insurance settlement.

Developer Litigation

Oftentimes developers work on multi-million dollar projects spanning years in time. Unfortunately, where one contractor makes a mistake, it can have an effect on every contractor in the project. If you are suffering because of someone else’s incompetence you should call our Charleston construction attorney’s immediately for a free consultation to discuss your options.

Government Hearings

Oftentimes permitting and complying with local, state, and federal regulations can be one of the most daunting aspects of undertaking a construction project. Our attorneys have experience with various levels of government and can guide you through the “red-tape” of bureaucracy. Throughout the years, our lawyers have successfully advocated on behalf of our clients at various types of government hearings. If you are seeking representation for your hearing, please call our competent Charleston construction lawyers today!